Freezer Water Leak – Complete Solution!!

14July 2020

How to stop you freezer or fridge freezer from leaking water. Detailed solution and explanation. Applicable to various makes such as hotpoint, hoover, samsung, russell hobbs, indesit, servis etc

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10 Reviews to “Freezer Water Leak – Complete Solution!!”

  1. Very helpful, didn’t know the mechanism behind the water drainage and evaporation cycle in a Freezer, thanks for taking your time to make this video

  2. For months now I’ve had dripping water out of the bottom of the freezer door, damaging facia boards and floor. Every week or so I kept digging out the ice build up, but today I looked into the problem properly, and basically couldn’t have fixed the issue without this video. Super helpful and you saved me ultimately buying a new fridge.
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  3. Found an easy fix for an upright freezer. Just raised the front legs about a quarter inch. Problem solved. This video was helpful.

  4. My Freezer drainage system was blocked just like yours with ice and I took everything out the freezer and propped a Heater up pointed at my freezer everything melted and with in 2 hours I was set. Now my freezer is making ice cubes (b4 it wasn’t)

  5. You may be able to keep this problem from re-occurring by wrapping a piece of heavy copper or aluminum wire around the defrost heating element near the bottom of the cooling coils with the other end laying in the bottom of the trough near the drain hole. It should conduct enough heat from the defrost heater to keep the water in the trough from freezing or to thaw it if it does.

  6. I’m moving home next Friday, if i take everything out of the fridge and ieave it switched off for a week will i need to do anything other than empty the tray at the back?

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