How-To | Common Plumbing Problems With Your Toilet And How To Fix Them

14July 2020

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WATCH to learn some common problems with your toilet and how to fix them via Cleveland Plumbing Industry (CPI) training director, Jason Shank!

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    I am accusing Health Organizations for (intentional??) neglect. They should had people and Hospital authorities better informed. (Could an appropriate scientific body or even a scientist give me some sensible arguments against?). A FATAL HYGIENE-MEDICAL MISTAKE CAUSES ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS and UTIs. Wiping with t. paper, no matter what its direction is, even when a baby wipe is used, always it leaves a film of feces, full of microbes. Through DRYING, FRICTION and AIR, its DUST travels to the near uro-genital organs, causing UTI. Later it sits to any surface of the house, or worse of the HOSPITAL, in the case of in hospital patients, causing the often LETHAL ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS. Keep in mind that the in Hospital weakened ill or old patients are not able even to wipe properly, particularly if there are ΗEMORRHOIDS, or hairy anuses. If the DUST during construction works in Hospitals, is correctly thought as dangerous because of its microbes, it more so should be the dust coming from dried feces !! WHO and Drs it is urgent to take some action, as patients and staff are on every day danger. Zisis Kontogounis, retired Medical Dr.

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