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How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator

How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator. Water on the floor around a refrigerator is enough to make anyone nervous. But often there’s a simple reason for the problem–and an easy cure. The key is locating the source. Follow these steps to fix a leaking fridge. Read more:


10 thoughts on “How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator


    Very clear, both his words and his demonstrations.

    Thank you! I’m not super handy and was dreading trying to fix this leak. Not any more!

  2. The bottom of my fridge is a bit different and the hoses are not in the back so i was not able to check those. i did tilt the fridge back and the door started closing better, hopefully thats where the leak is coming from.

  3. Thanks for this video. Makes sense based on what my old fridge seems to be doing. Will check on some of the indicators and go from there.

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