How To Fix Slow Flushing Toilet Tips – Not Flushing Properly

14July 2020

Fix a Slow Flushing or Draining toilet. Tips to Fix Toilet that does not flush properly.
Easy steps to diagnose possible problem that causes slow flush and quick fix that actual works.
Most of the time it is because there is some kind of blocking the water flow, it could be a toilet paper, toilet cleaner packs or even calcium buildup.
Yes, we will all have this problem at one point or another.
Please use caution with hot water, If you do not over do it . Your goal is to fill the bowl with hot water to cover the Jet that is in the front. That way the Hot Water will stay on Top section of the bowl and nowhere near the was ring. Take Long breaks between repeating to tel the toilet to cool off. The only time how water damage the Ring seal is if you over do it or if it is clogged in the pipe and not the toilet. If it is clogged in the pipe you may have to remove the toilet, in which will result that you will need to replace the Wax ring.

What you will need:
1. Dish washing detergent Like Dawn or similar.
you can buy it from Amazon
2. Drain pipe Chemical (Drano max gel) any might work but try to stick with a gel.
you can buy it from Amazon
3. Brush that is pointy (DRYER BRUSH- To clean and check bowl holes and jets.


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A lot of people were concern about Drano not being Septic safe. Drano website:
Note: “All Drano® products are safe for septic systems and will not harm the bacterial action in them. In fact, we recommend using Drano® Prevention regularly—this product prevents clogs and contains bacteria and enzymes that contribute to the overall health of your septic system.”

The steps shown do not need to be done in order, this may fix the problem and save you few time and few bucks on a plumber.
It is also recommended that you do his once in a while to extend the life of you toilet.
Make sure you check the holes and jet to make sure they are not clogged from the blue tablets
If you follow the instructions and the toilet still flashes slowly, than that means that it is most likely clogged, and you may need to remove it from the floor and check the pipes to determine if it is clogged. The cleaning steps and unclogging jets holes is fairly easy and almost anyone can do it. If however you were not able to resolve the problem then calling a professional might be your next step. Removing and reinstalling a toilet can be tricky.

Hope this help !!!

10 Reviews to “How To Fix Slow Flushing Toilet Tips – Not Flushing Properly”

  1. I am having the exact same problem! It seems as though the water coming out of the hole at the bottom of the tank, that pushed stuff toward the drain, doesn’t have a good flow! Just tried the soap and hot water trick as well and worked for me!

  2. Just tried this. It loosened up a chunk of a Clorox table that was blocking one of the flushing openings. Once I broke that up, it’s like having a new toilet. Thanks!!

  3. Teck TeckDriven you are awesome! I just did this and it worked!!! I was skeptical but my toliet had the same issues as you listed. Thank you so much!

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