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How to install a water softener for your home.

This video shows how to install a water softener. The model used is a GE GXSF30V. The entire process (without recording video) should take approximately 20 minutes.
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10 thoughts on “How to install a water softener for your home.

  1. Be sure to run the head drain hose to a floor drain or utility sink. As the water softener recharges (usually at night) it dumps a lot of water! I didn’t get that in the video… (ask how I know)

  2. Good job! If you havn’t already…I would program the regen at 2 AM so the water pressure doesn’t drop when using the shower or the kitchen sink…unless you have really good pressure.

  3. I appreciate the video it’s going to help me a lot the only thing I question is that plug being so close to The water source should be a GFI/GFCI plug simple way fix
    The alternative will shock you…literally lol

  4. The pipe you cut, you said that was the supply for the water heater. Does that mean only the hot water pipes in the house are soft?

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