How To Unclog a Toilet Sink Tub Drain In Fast 5 Seconds No Sh*t Works

14July 2020

#HowToUnclogAToilet #DIY #HowTo video shows you how to unclog a toilet, sink, and tub drain in just 5 seconds. I was able to in a funny and time consuming way, I tried all of the methods and products that I could find on Youtube such as baking soda and vinegar, toilet drain cleaner, dish soap, sulfuric acid, lye, and other chemicals. I tried tools like and auger, plunger and a toilet snake. Watch to see what finally worked.

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Here is a link to the Drain King promo video

10 Reviews to “How To Unclog a Toilet Sink Tub Drain In Fast 5 Seconds No Sh*t Works”

  1. DRAIN KING! I wasn’t going to watch a 20 minute video……but so glad I did! I’m hoping you saved me hours or days on my slow drains in my master bath. I was like this guy and about my weekend and tons of money (over $100!) on crap that doesn’t work. I Hope The Drain King ($28) does it! Thank you
    For those of you who don’t have 20 minutes to watch, he tried a plunger, another heavy duty plunger, baking soda and vinegar, Lye, another day he used 2 different heavy duty sulfurics acids, two different drain snakes, hot water and dawn dish soap AND a butt load of towels, back breaking snaking and plunging JUST to clean it up with a shop vac repeatedly. Drain King with brass on both ends hooked up to a garden hose (with a fitting for the shower head attachment) Bam! 5 Seconds

  2. I wish I would of got that two days ago I read something about it too it’s a blow bag it fills up with water and then shoots out the water and the pressure build up is what does it 🤦🏽‍♀️fee so stupid but first thing in the morning I’m going hunting for one of those and getting this night mare over with thank you bro I really needed to laugh too it was funny cause I would of done all that I already did half of that wirh th e soda and snake and zip tie and plunger and draino and vinegar and dawn and filled a bottle and squeezed it in the drain and even tried the Saran Wrap on the toilet bowl nothing 😂🤣 can’t wait to put an end to this god bless

  3. I’m 5:30 min into this video and I’m loving you bro cause this is so me and. Nothing is working I’ve been trying two days now I hope you have the solution I’m going back to the rest of the video btw your feel my pain

  4. Thank you very much for taking the time to share this video even after you found what to use to get the job done . I as well tried everything except the lye I did liquid fire … nothing .. a friend lent me a similar item to your Drain King but it was a cheaper quality and did not have the power that it seems yours may have . I am excited to try this better version . I have been trying to fix this problem for almost 2 months now . So thank you very much for the time you spent to make this video and help out others who can’t afford to pay a plumber to come fix it . 🙃👍

  5. I’ve had a problem for weeks. Bought 2 new plungers. Used the auger. Plunged forever. I’ve got the soap and hot water trick everyone talks about in now. It’s been 5 hrs, nothing. I’m going to try and plunge now that has been sitting. Hoping the flap trick works so it’s not Niagara falls. 🤔 But at least there’s soap in it this time. If this doesn’t work..I’m def trying. I was gonna get a hose for irrigation system in garden anyway. (Figured garden hose cheaper than the actual irrigation hose). Thank you for saving me the time and 🤑 not buying other things. I’m also working on my sink that has clog in main line. Last time I fixed sink I used quite an amount of plumbers tape. 🤔 and cant get that off now oi 😳🤦‍♀️ Thanks again!

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