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14July 2020


Selling a new phone without a charger seems a little weird on the surface. I mean, it’s kinda like selling a TV without an HDMI cable, or perhaps a kettle without a power cord, it’s kinda an intrinsic part of the package. So it’s a big deal if Samsung decides to follow in Apple’s footsteps and sell its smartphones without including a charger, right?

Yes and no, I’ll explain after the break.

I’m not straddling the fence on this one, it’s simply that it’s a scenario that a binary answer doesn’t really fit.

Backing up my argument that it is indeed a huge deal if Samsung decides not to bundle in a charger with its smartphones, I say that when you are buying a flagship handset with super-duper-wiz-bang 125W charging technology, then yes, you do want Samsung, OPPO, or whichever brand it is, to include a suitable charger to make full use of this speedy feature. After all, you’ve splashed out a boatload of cash for this new phone, perhaps as much as $1,500, so a charger that supports the new fast-charging tech is the least you would expect to see in the box. Reason being that if the charging tech is so new, so state-of-the-art, you are very unlikely to have a compatible charger laying around in a drawer. I mean, that 15W charger that came with your Galaxy S6 isn’t going to make the most of the 65W SuperVOOC Flash Charge tech on your Find X2 Pro, is it?

But that same logic doesn’t apply to the budget end of the smartphone market. If you’ve just bought the Moto E with 5W charging, pretty much any old charger will do the same job. That very same 15W Galaxy S6 charger from 2016 has triple the output needed to charge the Moto E, so why would you need a new charger? The added bonuses not including a charger for budget handsets are fewer units being thrown away as well as a small saving for the consumer.

Things get trickier and not so clear cut in the mid-range where it’s possible to find $3-400 phones with fast charging technology such as Quick Charge 3.0, but perhaps that is where the addition of a charger could be as an optional extra.

This doesn’t have to be a zero-sum argument. What are your thoughts on getting a new charger with your brand new smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ETNews

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