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Water Softener Installation Tutorial

Here is how we installed a water softener in our well pump supplied home. We added 2 large filters before and after the water softener unit. The filter before the softener prevents well water particulates from entering the unit. The filter after the softener filters the softened water through a charcoal filter.

Water Softener:
Filter Unit:

10 thoughts on “Water Softener Installation Tutorial

  1. Just curious, but why did you feel it necessary to have a filter upstream and downstream of the softener. I definitely understand the one upstream (before) the softener especially being on a well but don’t quite get the logic behind the downstream filter? Can you elaborate? If the upstream is a 20-30 micron filter that should take care of anything that might come from the well. Unless the downstream is a charcoal filter for taste i can’t quite see the reason for it.

  2. Great Video. However that is not a “Hot Water Heater (@12:03)” Its a ” Water Heater”. LOL, Sorry it a pet peeve of mine……

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