Why Random Air Bubbles Could Be Coming Out Of Your Toilet

14July 2020

http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com Click on this link for more information about plumbing, construction and remodeling. This video will provide you with some interesting clues to why mysterious air bubbles are coming out of your toilet. No, it’s probably not left over fart bubbles, but probably a clogged drain pipe and by the time you finish watching the video you should have a better idea of what type of home repair problem you’re dealing with.

10 Reviews to “Why Random Air Bubbles Could Be Coming Out Of Your Toilet”

  1. Great explanation!! However, I live in an apartment building 4 apartments and my apartment has two bathrooms and both toilets bubble at the same time. Could this be a clog from the main sewer? Thank you in advance

  2. I had the clog removed multiple times, every plumber comes in and says it is roots and I don’t think roots grow in winter so fast. This is the forth time I am calling the plumber, so it is not just the clog. It might even be the design of the pipes or the ventilation is clogged

  3. I have a similar problem – when we flush – bubbles immediatley surface and we have to hold down the toilet handle for 2 full seconds for the water to empty from the commode. Used tons of chemicals but to no avail- so, having watched your video, nice job, it looks like a clod down the line – or perhaps a clog in the vent as well.


  4. In the morning my toilet will flush, I see a few bubbles and the siphon doesn’t seem very strong, my shower will make a glugging/bubbling sound right after flushing. Then if you flush it again it will try to make a whirlpool and suck the water down but it can’t and starts filling up with water. My shower will also at that point not drain if I turn it on, I’m assuming because the clog is a little ways down and it takes a 1.5 flushes to fill the pipe. Do you think I should put chemicals down the shower drain/toilet? It’s definitely either just hair from the shower, or a big poop and toilet paper down there we absolutely do not flush wipes or anything in this house.
    And I’ll admit, this happened literally right after I took a monster dump. I pooped and then we only had a little toilet paper left in the bathroom, enough for two wipes so I hopped in the shower afterwards to blast my ass with the water, when I got out I saw there was still a little turd in the toilet so I flushed again and that’s when the water started to rise.

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